new ep

we are currently working on a new ep with references to the music industry.
at this time, a song called bleed me.


unity gain t-shirts are now available both for men and women in a comfortable soft quality.
wanna buy one? contact us by email.


after a short break we're really looking forward to start playing live again. our next show will be at the venue råhuset (Cph) on march 12.

see you out there!

free download

from today it will be possible to download our debut album "beyond the moot point" absolutely for free
click on the download menu at the top and go get it!

join our facebook page and leave a comment if you like the free music.


official youtube channel

we have set up an official youtube channel
here you can watch our videos that we are making to promote the songs from our debut album beyond the moot point
at this point we have 2 videos done you in me - caught in a lifetime and we are working on ideas for coming videos

feel free to rate and subscripe to our channel and remember to share with your friends


more songs in the player

today we have uploaded 3 more songs in the audio player on this site
the songs will be played in random order together with the 3 songs already there
you can skip between the songs using the buttons on the audio player itself
the new songs are all from our debut album beyond the moot point and are:

the trial

remember to support the band by buying the album
to do so contack us at

official release

today our debut album beyond the moot point were released on rescape music

it contains 12 songs and can be bought at concerts or by contacting the band at

unity gain cover beyond the moot point

track listing

with two days left to the official release of our debut album, beyond the moot point, we would like to reveal the complete track listing

another night
bitter taste
you in me
caught in a lifetime
the wake
under the gun
the trial

release party

unity gain would like to invite you all to a release party to celebrate the release of our debut album - beyond the moot point -

to mark the day we will hosting a party on friday, december 18th, 2009 at Riesen Bar, oehlenschlægersgade 36, 1663 kbh V

you will get a chance to listen to the entire album as well as get you very own copy

we hope to meet as many of you there!

release date

with the production well on its way we can reveal the official release date of the album

friday, december 18th, 2009

we will in the next few days send out invitations to a release party held on the day!

manufactoring begun

today we handed over our pre-master and the artwork to dancd who is going to press to first batch of the cd's

official relased date is to be announced in a few days so stay tuned!

cover design finished

today we finished the design of the cover for - beyond the moot point -

unity gain cover beyond the moot point

songs added to the player

we have added a player at the top of the website and loaded it with 3 songs from our upcoming debut album - beyond the moot point -

the songs are called - another night - you in me - under the gun -


mastering is done

now mastering together with morten bue at audioplanet is done and we are very happy with the result

expect a few sneak pre-listen to a few of the songs in the coming days

unity gain eva maria at audioplanet


tomorrow we will be going to audioplanet to have our debut album mastered by the very talented morten bue


today we had a visit by irmelin aagaard jansen who played some cello parts on nightshade

unity gain - irmelin aagaard jansen

album title revealed

we are now working on the last polish of sound and design before we are ready for the next step in finishing our debut album

but we can reveal the title of the album which have been dubbed - beyond the moot point -

last day mixing

last day working with louise nipper in her studio yesterday and all 12 songs are finshed.

still mixing

second day in soundscape studio and 4 songs are mixed and sounds great!

in the studio mixing

first day in soundscape studio together with studio owner and mixing engineer louise nipper who is mixing our debut album

new song

we have written a new song called - until you said - and we will be playing it for you all at the show at raahuset on september 27th.